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Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Compensation Summary

Competitive compensation and benefits

Tech Stack

AWS PyTorch Azure TensorFlow Jax Python GCP


Our vision is to find every deadly breast cancer early. We build AI models for breast cancer detection and enable breast cancer screening for underserved public healthcare systems. The machine learning team at Vara researches, develops and productionizes high-performance AI models for breast cancer detection from mammography images. This requires solving a multi-view perception problem with an emphasis on AI safety to meet very high performance requirements. Building on prior work to recognise trustworthy predictions, Vara has built a system that surpasses the metrics of individual radiologists via human-AI collaboration, and recognises cancers missed by humans enabling earlier detection. With large-scale, prospective testing of the impact on screening system metrics, Vara is the established market leader in one of the most advanced public screening systems in the world and has deployed more than a million AI-assisted radiology reads. Despite clinical metrics being improved by AI in today's clinical practice already, we aim for perfection and continue to work towards fundamental solutions of AI for healthcare without drawing boundaries between research and engineering.

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