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Embedded Linux Platform Staff SWE

Compensation Summary

Salary: $147k-200k

Tech Stack

Rust Clean Energy




SPAN builds hardware products that accelerate the adoption renewable energy in the home! We manufacture and sell the SPAN Smart Panel, an electric panel that performs software-based load management and monitoring for homes with solar, battery storage, and big appliances like EV chargers. The Device Platform team is a 6-person team maintaining the Yocto-based embedded Linux platform underpinning SPAN’s hardware products. We're hiring a Rust-focused systems software engineer to work on our application platform. In the next year, you may: - Build out our cross-platform application development SDK written in Rust, and supporting others developing new product offerings. - Co-design new APIs with our cloud team (MQTT, HTTP, and gRPC). - Collaborate with specialists in data science and power electronics to support simulation testing of power control behaviors in our application stack. - Overhaul our on-device telemetry, alerting, and fault reporting for our growing customer base. Questions? Email Buro ( More details and applications at:

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