Embedded Linux Platform Staff SWE

Compensation Summary

Salary: $147k-200k




SPAN builds hardware products that accelerate the adoption renewable energy in the home! We manufacture and sell the SPAN Smart Panel, an electric panel that performs software-based load management and monitoring for homes with solar, battery storage, and big appliances like EV chargers. The Device Platform team is a 6-person team maintaining the Yocto-based embedded Linux platform underpinning SPAN’s hardware products. We're hiring a Rust-focused systems software engineer to work on our application platform. In the next year, you may: - Build out our cross-platform application development SDK written in Rust, and supporting others developing new product offerings. - Co-design new APIs with our cloud team (MQTT, HTTP, and gRPC). - Collaborate with specialists in data science and power electronics to support simulation testing of power control behaviors in our application stack. - Overhaul our on-device telemetry, alerting, and fault reporting for our growing customer base. Questions? Email Buro ( More details and applications at:

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