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Senior Engineer - Full-Stack Elixir/LV Mobile Engineer - KMM / iOS / Android





dan 'at'


We're a restaurant tech company on a mission to make restaurants better for everyone. We offer a full end-to-end product that allows customers to run their own online ordering, process the orders using our kitchen suite and deliver the orders using their own dedicated fleet of drivers. We strive to give restaurants back the control they've lost to the third party middlemen. We run a monorepo Elixir/Phoenix LV codebase backed by Postgres. We maintain a couple native apps that leverage KMM and SwiftUI/Jetpack. We're a small remote-first company based out of Indianapolis, IN. We're seeking senior level talent to join our team. You will work across a wide problem space in a pretty fun domain. Elixir experience a plus, but not required.

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