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Java distributed systems compilers


Fleak Explained: A compound AI system for real time data streams. Fleak offers a user-friendly visual orchestrator, allowing users to craft their Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) by seamlessly connecting data sources, AI models(GPU,CPU), and user defined functions. With a single click, the visual designs evolve into distributed, high-performance workloads and automated API endpoints. Our core engine stands out with its ability to deploy multi-model real-time data pipelines without a centralized data store over 100 times faster than patching python libraries onto Spark,Flink frameworks. Our founding team has built Netflix DataMesh, Splunk Core Search, and a quant VC firm with over $1B AUM. We have closed a $1.3M Preseed within 2 months from valley's top infrastructure and cyber security funds. For more details, please apply here:

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