Senior Software Engineer


At Irth Solutions we build software that improve resilience and reduce risk to critical infrastructure that millions of people and businesses rely on each day. Our systems handle millions of requests a day, coordinating activities between critical infrastructure providers, contract locators, excavators, and a variety of other stakeholders throughout North America.<p>We’re growing our team and are in immediate need for a Senior Software Engineer. Here are some notes on the technical requirements:<p>* C# development experience using .NET Core, WebAPI, and Entity Framework<p>* Experience building browser applications using Angular and Typescript<p>* Strong relational database experience with Postgres (preferred) or MS SQL Server including SQL, database functions, indexing, and performance tuning<p>* Kubernetes, Docker, Linux<p>Apply here: <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;irth-solutions&#x2F;j&#x2F;33AD66BA3A&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;irth-solutions&#x2F;j&#x2F;33AD66BA3A&#x2F;</a><p>We’re growing, so new positions will open up frequently. Please check back with if this one doesn’t fit your background

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